Friday, April 5, 2013

Tools of the Trade: Konjac Sponge

     Its my new favorite tool for cleansing my face! I loved it so much that right after the first use, I went back and bought 10 (I have a tendency to hoard... maybe carried away is more like it.) since its so cheap too! Here are a couple reasons why I love it so much:

      1. It's a very fascinating object, kinda weird really. It's hard as a rock but weighs nothing 
      really, then when soaked in water it just expands almost double its size and becomes very soft.
      2. It's environmentally friendly since you don't have to toss it after use. 
      3. It's really soft and feels very gentle when use on the skin, provided its wet.
      4. It takes off my makeup really, really well.
      5. It exfoliates like no other!

     I discovered this little thing while perusing some blogs, it piqued my interest enough that I looked it up to see that its actually made out of vegetable fiber, specifically a variety of potato/yam called Amorphophallus Konjac which is actually edible since the root is often mad to konyakku (yam cake) which can be transformed into shirataki noodles which is said to be healthier for you and good for dieting since it has zero calories. Since this is not a post about food, let's go back to the sponge. 

     If you search it online, you'll find online sellers that sell it on averarage around $10-$16. Yeah, that wasn't gonna happen... I'm cheap on most things, I wasn't willing to spend that amount for a tiny sponge no matter how awesome it is unless it's given as a present (mostly from my husband, who got me the beautyblender which IS a sponge.). 

     Luckily I chanced upon it at my favorite personal wasteland, Daiso. While I was browsing, I thought it looked familiar and the package had similar description as the ones you can buy online. The only difference between those and the one from Daiso is that the ones you get online are package damp while the one from Daiso was dry and hard but once you soak it in water, I honestly don't think you would know the difference. For $1.50 versus $10-$16, I choose the one I can buy at the store.

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