Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

      I started using this cleanser around December last year... I'm honestly a bit conflicted about this product. Before I start typing my opinion, here's what the Mario Badescu website says about their Enzyme Cleansing Gel:
(ULTA; 16 oz. for $20)
      "This non-foaming, gel cleanser thoroughly removes the day’s make-up, dirt and oil without drying the skin. Papaya and Grapefruit Extracts are exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help prevent dulling build-up that can cause blackheads and pimples."

     So let's begin. As for being a cleanser that thoroughly removes everything from makeup to dirt from your skin, I don't fully agree. Does it exfoliate my skin, questionable. Did it prevent build-ups that causes blackheads and pimples, maybe. Like I said, I'm very conflicted about this cleanser. 

     It's not your usual cleanser, there's no lather. It's a green gel that you squirt out of the bottle and massage into your skin and rinse. When I first used it, I followed the directions to a T. As it implied on the description, I expected it to remove my makeup and clean my skin very well, it did not. I didn't use any special tools to help it along, just my hands. Honestly, it seemed like my hands just moved the product around and no cleansing was happening. As a stand alone cleanser, I was disappointed.

    Now as a makeup remover, I like it enough. As its not strong enough to get rid of waterproof mascara, I use a separate remover and I use the same cotton pad with the remover to lessen the makeup I have on my face. I then follow it up the the Enzyme Cleansing Gel, I apply in with my fingers and massage it around. I then used to use an exfoliating cotton pad to remove it but I have since changed it to a konjac sponge (A sponge made from vegetable fiber, usually a type of potato.) which effectively exfoliated my skin while not being wasteful since I don't have to toss out the sponge unlike the cotton pad. I repeat rinsing with the sponge till I'm satisfied that there's no more residue and follow it up by using Origins Modern Friction, rinse and I'm done.
       I know it seems like a huge process, but this is the only way I can make this cleanser work. It's not such a big deal for me most of the time since I do enjoy the whole cleansing process, it's like a treat to my skin. I just play some music from my iPhone and start this whole ritual . It's not enjoyable though for the same reasons when I'm dead tired and I have still have to do it because I refuse to go to sleep with a makeup on. 

    Would I purchase it again? Maybe. Do I recommend it? Honestly, my experience might end up being different from yours. You might end up liking it. Like I said, I'm conflicted. :p

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