Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts of the day: Car Troubles

     Today was a good day. I had fun with the kids at work, the actual work part wasn't as tedious as it can sometimes get... then I decided to get a bubble tea before I started my tutoring session with a student. 

     After buying my tea and I was happily drinking it as I got into my car, I put my car key in the ignition and nothing happened. Okay maybe something happened. My car made this weird noise every time I tried turning the engine on. All I could think of was "F*#%! What am I gonna do?!". I'm stuck and I didn't know a single thing about cars except how to drive it.

     So I called Triple A, I called the parent of the kid I was supposed to tutor to cancel and explain. "Crap, my schedule's all messed up now... and I have to pee." I thought to myself. Hahaha... The stupid bubble tea that I drank was taking it's toll  and I couldn't leave my car in case the Triple A guy came to jump start my engine. After an hour, he still wasn't there. Luckily a nice person parked beside me offered to watch out for the Triple A guy while I went to run and find a bathroom (thank god for starbucks!). Don't judge me, it's called desperation. 

     Lesson learned, I need to get to know my car more. When the Triple A guy finally came, it only took less than 10 minutes to make my car start again and I was a happy camper again (granted I was a little irked that he took forever!). I just wanna say, there are still kind souls out there willing to help you out in desperate times. Thank you kind sir, I hope you had a great day! 

    Hopefully my car will start tomorrow morning so I can go to work, else I'm screwed.

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