Sunday, March 24, 2013

Starting out...

     I've always had an affection for things that are pretty and colorful, that's how my love for makeup came to be... When I started there really was nothing major with what I used, just your run of the mill faced powder or maybe a lip balm. That's all I used when i was younger. Simple and easy. 

     That was a long time ago, now I'm fully enamored with all the possibilities and choices laid out in front of me! It all started out in 2007, a couple of months of being here in the city by the bay. My dear husband took me out for a little trip to the mall, there I would get introduced to the world of makeup. MAC was the first brand that intrigued me, it was one of the brands (makeup wise) that was was highly sought after where I'm from. My dearest husband was so sweet and loving, he asked me if there was anything that I liked from the brand but the heavy foundations and overwhelming colors on the sales associates faces intimidated me so I declined his offer.

     My first ever makeup purchase was actually from target. It was a L'Oreal eyeshadow i think... from there I started to become more confident about what I wanted and what I generally needed. I was able to do some research and be able to begin my foray in middle/highend makeup. By mid 2008, I've accumulated a modest amount.

      Fast forward to five years later...

     Not too bad... ;p

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